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So this album is basically a bunch of songs that they had already come up with (or copied from other artists) years ago. This album totally surprised me though in a good way. I guess because most of these songs were 10 years old or so they had that early Zep vibe that they seemed to have lost in their later years. I am confused as to why this album was not more critically and commercially accepted . Maybe because it was post Bonham's death and critics and fans knew the band was over at this point. However, make no mistake ....there are some hidden gems on this album.

We're Gonna Groove

This is actually an underrated song. You can definitely tell this song was conceived years ago prior to release. In fact it was originally going to be on Led Zed II (which it would have fit right at home by the way).Definitely has the early Zep vibe to it which is great. Great drumming and guitar in this one . Man........ Plant sings high in this song . How does he do it ? To be young again i guess........This song is a passionate tirade of guitar tone and vocal melody. I liked this one more than I had remembered. Must be noted though that this was written by soul artist Ben E. King.

Poor Tom

This song was actually conceived in 1970 and was going to be on Led Zep III (which again it would have fit right at home). Interesting drum beat here that I really like. Altered tuning by Page on his guitar which is cool and unique. Ending is very good with the harmonica and guitar mirroring each other. After 2 songs so far I am really enjoying this Coda album. So far this album is impressing me more than my lighting bolt velcro wallet did back in 7th grade. Lets see if it can keep it up.

I Can't Quit You Baby

Yet another song literally done over 10 years ago here on this Coda album. This is a really good blues number but they totally ripped this song off. Written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Otis Rush in 1956. Nice axe work by JP sounding like early 70"s blues guitar should. This version on Coda is from actually a soundcheck for a show at Royal Albert Hall on January 9, 1970. That gives it its raw edge which is great.

Walter's Walk

Not a very well known song here . But pretty solid nevertheless. Bonham killin' the drums once again in this one. Pleasantly surprised with this song as I never really listened to it carefully before but it is very good. Nice riff in this one . This song was originally an instrumental and lyrics were added later. It is obvious as I do not understand what this song is about (unlike the song My Humps by Fergie).

Ozone Baby

Listen carefully to the bass in this song.......super cool. Nice guitar solo in this one with a bit of a country vibe to it. Drums really good again......however, lyrics in this one are about as lame as Pete Townsend's excuse that he was looking at child porn for "research".


This song was also supposed to be on In Through the Out Door. Underrated gem here.....I would venture to say that most people have never heard of this song. Even Zep fans would probably struggle to tell you the name of this song if they heard it. That being said, this is a very good song. I love the stop / starts throughout the song. The main riff is catchy and the solo is strong. Good piano work in this one as well (which Zep did not utilize piano much so it is nice when they do ). The break in the middle of the song is interesting. This song surprised me as I had never done a deep dive on it before.

Bonzo's Montreaux

This is obviously Bonham solo on drums recorded in Montreaux Switzerland hence the name. Quick fun fact , Montreux is also the town where Smoke On the Water was written. I mean for being all drums this is pretty good . It is difficult to keep a listeners attention for too long just with drums but Bonham does a pretty good job here. There are some unique drum tones in this as well that you were not hearing at the time .

Wearing and Tearing

This song is awesome . If I lived in a van down by the river this would be my jam ! Furious drum in this ....This was also supposed to be on In Trough the Out Door. However, Page felt it was too heavy for that album. This almost has a punk rock vibe to it. Fast bass, guitar, drums etc. I love the ending. Again, most people would probably not know this song but it is a hidden gem Very raw sounding ....