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So a lot to unpack in the below video......First of all Rick Beato provides a ton of outstanding videos if you are a music lover like myself. I have watched way more of his videos than I care to admit but they are awesome. Especially the ones where he breaks down songs and explains to you why a certain song is awesome..... Extremely interesting stuff, at least to me anyway.

Second of all Phil X is one of my favorite guitarists of all time. I would be shocked if any of you have ever heard of him other than a few of you who I’ve talked about him with before.

He became a bit of a YouTube sensation garnering millions of views basically going into a guitar store and trying out different guitars with an outsized personality. Well Jon Bon Jovi took note and hired him to replace Richie Sambora. He has been Bon Jovi‘s lead guitarist for a few years now.

Feel free to fall into the Phil X YouTube worm hole like I did but be warned .....you will end up spending a lot of time watching his videos if you are like me.