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Houses of the Holy

This is a very good album but 2 of the songs are definitely B side filler. Again though, most bands would have loved to have put out an album like this. This album does offer a lot of variety to be sure. Every song is totally different from the other spanning multiples genres.

The Song Remains the Same

Another strong opening track, cool intro, good song that sweeps you up in it with big drums and bass and jangly guitars. Page's guitar work in this one is really strong throughout. Bonus points for Jimmy using the sweet double neck Gibson SG guitar!

Rain Song

This is simply another masterpiece that takes you back to a slower time. Nice use of orchestral strings, good lyrics, good job of Plant not over singing and Page not overplaying. It creates a relaxing, chill vibe that makes you forget about your worries. Very underrated song in the Zep catalogue.

Over the Hills and Far Away

As a kid growing up (before I was exposed to more and other Zep tunes) this was probably my favorite Zep song. The intro immediately grabs your ear and does not let go as the acoustic sound builds tension until the drums and bass and electric guitar slam in. Here again you see the soft/hard dynamics light/dark that Jimmy was going after.

The Crunge

This is a cool, funky sounding song that is totally different from the rest of the Zep catalog. James Brown would be proud. Simple but effective bass line. Has anybody seen the bridge ?!?!

Dancing Days

This is a very commercial song and like Living Loving Maid I consider this Led Zeppelin “light”. Not as good as many of their songs but most bands would probably still kill to have this song in their catalogue. Anybody that actually likes this song doesn’t want other people to know about it though. Kind of like drunk back in college when you bring home the fat girl ......at the time you like it but you don’t want your roommates to find out (well except for Sean, he would actually wake us up to show us).

Dyer Maker

Again very commercial song Led Zep “light”. I assume this was Zeppelins take on and attempt at reggae genre. However, this is not one of their better efforts. Don't really like Plants vocals or melody here. I think Bob Marley was probably like....umm, no white boys, just No!

No Quarter

Interesting song again different from most Zep tunes. Kind of has an evil, spacey type vibe to it it makes me want to go into my basement and do bad things again. But then I just up my medication and I am fine though. What is cool about this is JPJ is playing the keyboard with his hands and playing the bass with his feet simultaneously. Geddy Lee of Rush perfected this but I would say JPJ was first.

The Ocean

This is such a simple guitar riff but it is So Good. Bonham is really in the pocket on this one. This is a great song to crank up loud and enjoy. This is another song that many would-be guitarists can play but they just can't play it with the balls of Jimmy and the boys. This song should have been a 9.5. however, I had to subtract half a point for the last minute or so of the song. I feel like it does not really fit with the rest of the song. I feel like it is more out of place than an Antifa protestor at a MAGA rally.