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Physical Graffiti

This is the famous double album.........this could have been a fantastic album if it was only 1 album instead of 2. There are some very average songs on here that bring this double album down. If it was 1 album, every song on there would have been good to great. Rating gets dragged down a bit because of the filler songs.

Custard Pie

This song has a bit of funk keyboard which is a nice change of style for them. Also, Jimmy changes things up a bit with the use of a wah pedal which he did not use all that often. Plant utilizes the harp again on this song which is cool. Plants lyrics asking for a piece of her custard pie is not going to win any literary awards but hey.......aren't sex , drugs and rock n roll what Zep was all about?

The Rover

Slinky, sleazy guitar riff in this one. This song has a very Black Sabbath feel to it which is a good thing. Very old school guitar tone. However, I feel Jimmy could have laid down a more inspiring guitar solo here. This is a good song, but when compared up against other songs from their catalogue it falls a bit short.

In My Time of Dying

So before I review this song , I must state that Led Zep totally stole this song (even though on the album credits they listed the 4 of them as the writers). This was a traditional gospel song that had been covered by Blind Willie Johnson and Bob Dylan amongst others before Zep. Now that that is out of the way ....this is a great song. The slide guitar is great. The break down in the middle of the song with the guitar and drums is fantastic which then goes into some additional raunchy as hell slide guitar. Drums are huge here. This is just a flat out long jam by the band that fits.

Houses of the Holy

This song isn't bad ....I just feel like it does not fair as well against other Zep songs . In fact, I would say this song is overrated in my opinion. Nothing jumps out in this song to me. And maybe Led Zep agrees with me because they purposely did not put this song on Houses of the Holy album because they did not feel it fit with the other songs on that album. This song is about as average as a Keanu Reeves movie.

Trampled Under Foot

This is a cool song a little bit out of the normal Zep box. A nice funky song here where JPJ plays the seldom used clavinet. In fact, JPJ says he was inspired by Stevie Wonder for this one as the clavinet was what Stevie plays in Superstition.....JPJ also has a great keyboard solo in this one. There is a lot going on in this song so you really have to listen carefully to hear everything properly.


What an epic masterpiece...this song takes you on a musical journey from second one. Written by Plant during a very long car ride in southern Morocco. An infectious riff that just pounds you into MMA submission but in a good way. This is another song that makes me want to be on a camel in the Sahara, sand blowing in my eyes, with an oasis up ahead. Plant himself said that this song most encapsulates the band Led Zeppelin. Simple riff, simple drums, simple keyboard, simply fantastic . Page again uses a unique middle eastern sounding tuning. If you do not like this song.....that is a YOU problem not mine !

In the Light

Kind of an ominous beginning which is interesting. This is a good song but once again....when compared to the Mighty Zep catalogue it lags a bit . JPJ use of the Mellotron is cool here. This song is just kind of there though.......not anything too interesting. Kind of like the milquetoast girl you dated in college. She ain't great, but she ain't bad either...she is just kind of there.

Bron Yr Aur

This is an acoustical gem that is way, way underrated. Written in the cottage of the same name in Wales where Plant and Page went together and wrote some other songs there as well. A very introspective song that to me can be happy and sad at the same time depending on what type of mood you are in. Which is brilliant by the way. This would be a good song to be playing on my death bed. Yes, I am serious about that....I know a lot of people will disagree with my rating but this is a 10 in my book. Sorry, not sorry!

Down by the Seaside

This song fits in the Zep catalogue about as well as a tea partier does at a Squad party. Very average song. Although the little bridge or breakdown in the middle of the song is pretty good. Regardless, this is filler anyway you slice it. This does not even seem like a Zep song.

Ten Years Gone

Nice soft intro that gradually builds tension. Once again the soft, loud dynamic that Page was a huge proponent of. Very 70's ish solo by Page. This is a pretty good effort that for most bands would be a great effort. Song has some interesting changes throughout that grab your ear.

Night Flight

This is a pretty unknown song to most of the masses. It is pretty good bluesy tune. Great organ tone by PJP which you do not hear him on the organ too often so that is a nice change of pace. But, it is still way below normal Zep standards.

The Wanton Song

If you ask any Zep fan if they have heard this song they would most likely respond yes. Next ask them to name it.....I'll bet most cannot name it. I think this is a bit of an underrated song. Big riff, tight in the pocket drumming by Bonzo and big bass by JPJ. Mean, aggressive guitar tone in this one.

Boogie With Stu

Old timey piano being played here . This song is definitely a fish out of water in the Zep catalogue. Does not sound like a Zep song. Not sure what they were thinking here. This song went over with Zep fans as about as good as New Coke did back in the 80's. If I ever met Plant I would say Umm, no Robert....just no! Ummkay!

Black Country Woman

Another underrated song that most Zep fans probably would not be able to tell you the name of it. Acoustic beginning as were many of their songs. The lyric "I know your sister too" is referencing his wife's sister who he cheated on with. This song has a cool back country, front porch vibe to it which I love.

Sick Again

Very old school guitar tone here...this song has a lot of common Zep themes in it but for some reason it just doesn't do it for me. This song is like biting into a stale donut. There is a certain anticipation of something great and then a let down.