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So this is where the downfall begins I think. This album just does not cut the mustard when compared to other giants in their arsenal of albums. The album actually starts off strong as the first 4 songs are strong. However; the next 3 go down faster than a fluff boy on a porn set. There is a reason people talk down about this album...we shall see if it holds true for the last 2 albums as well.

Achilles Last Stand

Cool soft intro that turns into a galloping drum beat with a cool riff thrown in. I think this song is a bit underrated and probably not very well known as it should be. Didn't make radio play much probably because of its 10 minute length

Understated axe work by Jimmy here . However, an argument could be made that this song drags on too long.......kind of like Biden reading off of his teleprompter. Stairway to Heaven drags on long too but the difference is Stairway has so many different and varied parts to hold the listener's interest. Whereas this song is pretty much the same all the way through.

For Your Life

This is yet another underrated song in the Zep catalogue. Catchy beginning, with simple bass, drums and axe work. This song is about drug abuse.....specifically cocaine and meth. This is also another song that most people have heard but would not be able to tell you the name of it. Pretty simple song but again simplicity is great. It does have an interesting bridge that changes the tempo a bit and different chords utilized.

Royal Orleans

Another funk type song here.......intro is catchy and the funk guitar work is really cool. Sort of has a James Brown vibe to it. This is a pretty funny song about a Zeppelin band member (rumored to be JPJ) hooking up with a drag queen and not knowing it before it was too late. The "Royal Orleans" was a gay hotel where the band would go when they were in the area. Apparently there they didn't get bothered as much for autographs. Listen carefully to the lyrics (it is worth your while). Anyway, this song was a pleasant surprise to me.....I had heard it before but never really paid much attention to it. I really enjoyed this one, as it is a bit different than the usual Zep fare. Bonus, there are bongos in this which add another layer of sound.

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Wow, where do I begin with this song ? I guess I will begin with this is yet another song Zep stole. This time from Blind Willie Johnson. Do your self a favor and research some old black blues guitarists like him because without them there is no Zep, Stones, early Aerosmith etc. That being said this may be my favorite Zep song of all time. When I am done with the reviews I will attempt to do my Top 5 Zep tunes which will be impossible but this song definitely makes the cut and could be #1.....we shall see.

Before you listen to the song, tell your wife to leave the house because Daddy needs to listen to a little Zep. And when she leaves crank this song up.....LOUD, I mean LOUD. You will not be disappointed. Great intro with guitar with phaser effect and Robert Plant doing a call and response with Page's guitar (which also comes from old black blues guitarists by the way ). Drums, guitar, bass come in and they are huge. The groove and swagger of this song is just sick. This song is just dripping with balls and attitude. All 4 members really at the top of their game in this song. The start and stops in this song are incredible. But wait there is more....... ! Plant lays down quite possible the greatest harmonica solo in rock history. Yes, I am serious....it is awesome. This song is bigger than the Chinese military. If you do not like this song, get yourself to a doctor because you have something seriously wrong with you.

Candy Store Rock

Average song here. Definite album filler song here and it shows. Lyrics by Plant are about as uninspiring as Rocky 6. The music itself here about as lily white as a Michael Bolton Greatest Hits album. Sorry guys, this one should have been left in the used car parts bin.

Hots on for Nowhere

Another average entry here from the boys. This song is good enough for government work but again when compared against other Zep stalwarts it falls short. Any song by Yanni is more rockin than this. I think you can tell the creative juices are waning here as song qualities are beginning to drop.

Tea for One

This song isn't bad but again, comparatively speaking it just doesn't fare great against other Zep songs. Pretty average standard, blues song really. I am not sure what to do with this song...do I play it when my dog runs away, or when Florida State loses? I dunno, kind of at a loss here on this one.